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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Secure power supply systems are important for ensuring stable work processes. For critical installations, uninterruptible power supply systems are essential for protection against power outages, contributing to increased uptime and safe, secure operation.

Anda-Olsen has manufactured products for secure and uninterruptible power supply systems for critical installations for over half a century. The tough and unique requirements in the maritime industry have formed the background for our self-developed products, which are now used around the world.  We are a supplier for the offshore industry, shipping, health, power producers, land-based industry, aquaculture, infrastructure and IT. 


Power supplies from A to Z 

Among the power supply products provided by Anda-Olsen, you will find chargers, inverters, converters, DC-UPS and OEM components.  

Our selection can be delivered in both closed and open containers, as floor cabinets or wall cabinets. We deal in known brands such as Victron, Mascot, Premium, Adel and Pulsar, but we also have batteries and UPS systems under our own brand.  

We provide:   

  • Battery chargers (AC/DC)  

  • Power supplies (AC/DC) 

  • Converters (DC/DC)  

  • Inverter (DC/AC)  

  • Bi-directional power supplies  

  • Hybrid converters  

  • Transformers  

  • A wide selection of components with different IP degrees and designs  

Monitoring system

Monitoring system

Anda-Olsen has also developed its own monitoring system, Anda Cloud. This is an advanced system for monitoring of the conditions of UPS and battery, designed in order for you to feel completely certain that the system working as intended.   

With Anda Cloud, we can offer you a complete overview of the status of the system. You will be able to monitor everything from battery level to data regarding the surroundings in the room. 

Employees with experience

At Anda-Olsen, you will meet service-oriented employees who are experts on the ensuring customer needs. Our team of engineers know what products and technical solutions are right for each individual project.

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