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Batteries and battery solutions

Batteries and battery solutions

Anda-Olsen is a complete provider of battery technology. We deliver lead/acid, NiCad, lithium, and alkaline battery packs for starting, securing, energy storage, emergency operation, UPS and hybrid facilities.

A battery is the heart of every solution that requires secure power. It ensures the storage of energy and the ability to release energy when needed. Anda-Olsen customises battery packs for demanding and critical applications in a range of sectors such as shipping, offshore industry, health, power providers, land-based industry, aquaculture, infrastructure, and IT.


Industrial batteries - Anda Power Solutions 

We also provide AGM and GEL batteries under our own trademark, Anda Power Solutions (APS). These industrial batteries were developed based on the stringent requirements of the maritime industry, in which Anda-Olsen is deeply anchored. The batteries are used for backup power (UPS), radio batteries, alarm systems, general use and OEM. 

With Anda-Olsen, you get 

  • high-rate batteries that contribute to more compact systems  

  • batteries with extreme capacity (for starting motors of all sizes)  

  • lithium batteries with excellent charging and lifespan properties (for energy solutions)  

  • customer-adapted battery systems  

  • monitoring capabilities 

Monitoring system

Monitoring system

Anda-Olsen has also developed its own monitoring system, Anda Cloud. This is an advanced system for monitoring of the conditions of UPS and battery, designed in order for you to feel completely certain that the system working as intended.   

With Anda Cloud, we can offer you a complete overview of the status of the system. You will be able to monitor everything from battery level to data regarding the surroundings in the room. 

Employees who know batteries 

At Anda-Olsen, you will meet service-oriented employees who are experts on the ensuring customer needs. Our team of engineers know what products and technical solutions are right for each individual project. Our well-stocked inventory is ready to send products to companies around the world.  

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