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Return and repair

Return and repair

Anda-Olsen has good return policies and skilled technicians who take care of product repairs. If any issues arise with equipment you have received from Anda-Olsen, we will assist you immediately. This is how you proceed:

Returning Products If you wish to return products that you no longer need, contact our sales department. Our sales department will guide you through the process.

  • All returns must be agreed upon and approved before sending the products back.
  • The complaint form must be included with the shipment.
  • Received returns without a complaint form will not be processed.

Repairing Products

If you experience products that are not working as they should, contact our service department by phone or email. We will first try to solve the problem over the phone or email. If this is not possible, you will be asked to fill out a complaint form and send the product to us, so that our service workshop technicians can look into the matter. Remember, the complaint form must accompany the shipment.

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