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VH UPS 3000VA VH3000

DNV Godkjent (krever DNV KIT)

Varenummer: GE18470

inkl. mva.

GE VH Series UPS is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion range providing secure power for all business-critical applications. With a tower and/or rackmount design, the UPS adapts to adjusting network configurations as facility load requirements change.
GE's unique Superior Battery Management provides full protection to connected loads at all times and maximizes the battery life of the UPS system, while the unique failsafe bypass design ensures a seamless, safe transition to bypass in case of overload. The UPS batteries are hot swappable and the replacement procedure is simple and quick.
With a wide range of communication options including RS232, USB, relays and SNMP the VH Series is ideal for use in all IT network environments; the rugged design and unique features such as high peak load handling, failsafe bypass, true frequency conversion and fast bypass transition make it ideal for power protection in process control, railway signaling, lab analysis, wind turbines and marine applications. The full range is certified to all CE safety and EMC regulations, and to the IACS international maritime standard. The VH Series is supplied with a comprehensive three-year warranty including battery.

Features and Benefits
• Unique failsafe internal bypass - Continued operation even with overload or over-temperature
• 2U design for all ratings - Small footprint; all parts delivered for tower or rack assembly
• Hot swappable batteries - Simple battery replacement without disruption to the load
• Matching battery cabinets - Longer battery life available with the addition of extra battery cabinet(s)
• Superior Battery Management - Providing protection to the battery and extending the battery life
• Remote monitoring - Easy access and control even for unmanned or isolated sites
• MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) >730,000 hours - Proven reliability

• Single Phase Output Voltage - 208/220/230/240V
• Wide input voltage range - 130V to 280V minimizing battery use
• 50/60Hz operation - Can be used as a permanent frequency converter
• Phase neutral reversal protection - No risk of unsafe connection
• High overload capability - Continued protection even if overloaded
• Precise output frequency regulation - Optimized for use with a generator
• Wide operating temperature - UPS can operate between -10°C to 40°C
Høyde totalt 87.0 mm
Lengde 547.0 mm
Bredde 440.0 mm
Vekt 3.013145124E11 kg
Opprinnelsesland India
Varenr.: VHFILTER16A

DNV FILTER 3kVA FN2080-16-06 1,5M Power cable

DNV Filter 3kVA FN2080-16-06
Varenr.: GE18802


Alarmkort for GE VH serien
Varenr.: ZDVD001A

Rack guide kit 600-1000mm

Universell rack guide kit for UPS til 19" installasjon
Passer fra 600-1000mm.
Holder opp til 100kg.
Varenr.: GE1024747

SNMP/Nettverkskort GE

SNMP/WEB INTERFACE KORT 1024747 for GE VH serien
Varenr.: NS12-90


Anda NS-serien er en serie AGM-batterier egnet for bruk i standby UPS-applikasjoner med god ytelse i nødsituasjoner, og har en designlevetid på 5 år.