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VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter

The VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter allows a standard resistive tank level sender to connect to the Color Control GX.

Varenummer: BPP900600100

inkl. mva.

It is compatible with both European standard 0-180 Ohm and United States standard 240-30 Ohm tank level senders and is accurate to ±1%.

It is easily configurable to resistive senders from Fuel, Fresh water, Waste water, Live Well, Oil and Black water (Sewage) tanks.

It supports up to 16 tanks of each type. The unit is simply setup with two small rotary switches, and powers itself from the VE.Can network.
Høyde totalt 48.0 mm
Lengde 25.0 mm
Bredde 109.0 mm
Vekt 0.128 kg
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