Phoenix Inverter 24/3000 120V VE.Bus

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Victron, Phoenix Inverter 24 Volts 3000 VA , socket NEMA 5-15R, 120VAC/60Hz, Sinusoidal

SinusMax - Superior engineering
Developed for professional duty, the Phoenix range of inverters is suitable for the widest range of applications.
The design criteria have been to produce a true sine wave inverter with optimised efficiency but without
compromise in performance. Employing hybrid HF technology, the result is a top quality product with compact
dimensions, light in weight and capable of supplying power, problem-free, to any load.

Extra start-up power
A unique feature of the SinusMax technology is very high start-up power. Conventional high frequency
technology does not offer such extreme performance. Phoenix inverters, however, are well suited to power up
difficult loads such as refrigeration compressors, electric motors and similar appliances.

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel and 3-phase operation capability
Up to 6 units inverters can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Six 24/5000 units, for example,
will provide 24kW / 30kVA output power. Operation in 3-phase configuration is also possible.

To transfer the load to another AC source: the automatic transfer switch
If an automatic transfer switch is required we recommend using the MultiPlus inverter/charger instead. The
switch is included in these products and the charger function of the MultiPlus can be disabled. Computers and
other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption because the MultiPlus features a very
short switchover time (less than 20 milliseconds).

Computer interface
All models have a RS-485 port. All you need to connect to your PC is our MK2 interface (see under accessories).
This interface takes care of galvanic isolation between the inverter and the computer, and converts from RS-485
to RS-232. A RS-232 to USB conversion cable is also available. Together with our VEConfigure software, which
can be downloaded free of charge from our website, all parameters of the inverters can be customised. This
includes output voltage and frequency, over and under voltage settings and programming the relay. This relay
can for example be used to signal several alarm conditions, or to start a generator. The inverters can also be
connected to VENet, the new power control network of Victron Energy, or to other computerised monitoring
and control systems.

New applications of high power inverters
The possibilities of paralleled high power inverters are truly amazing. For ideas, examples and battery capacity
calculations please refer to our book “Energy Unlimited” (available free of charge from Victron Energy and
downloadable from
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Frakt Vekt 19.3 kg
Vekt 18.0 kg
Lengde 218,000000 mm
Bredde 258,000000 mm
Høyde 362.0 mm
Areal 56244.0 mm2
Volum 2.0360328E7 mm3


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