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Peak Power Pack 12,8V/40Ah - 512Wh

Peak Power Pack
The Peak Power Pack is a lithium-ion battery and battery charger housed in a single unit. The Peak Power Pack has been specially designed to provide high current over a short space of time, ideal for a caravan mover. The Peak Power Pack is also extremely suitable for powering your caravan and ensures additional comfort, both on the road and at your holiday destination. It is even possible to monitor the status of the Peak Power Pack from your smartphone (see Bluetooth dongle).

Varenummer: PPP012040000

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Easy to use
The Peak Power Pack can be charged from your car, and likewise via a solar panel or from the mains connection on your campsite. If you charge the battery whilst driving, the battery will be fully charged for manoeuvring your caravan when you arrive.

Thanks to the cable supplied, the Peak Power Pack is extremely easy to use. A push button operates a built-in LED light with different colours which indicates the status of the battery.

1 200A mover connection
2 30A on-board connection
3 7A universal charger input
4 Connection for 3A universal adapter
5 Connection for the operating cable
6 VE.Direct connection, e.g. for the Bluetooth dongle
Høyde totalt 212.0 mm
Lengde 172.0 mm
Bredde 190.0 mm
Vekt 8.6 kg
Opprinnelsesland India