MULTIPASS-R 16A load (rackmount)

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Manual bypass
Rack version
The Multi Pass manual bypass cuts out UPS in the event of malfunction or breakage.
Multi Pass ensures that the connected consumers are automatically switched to mains power if a UPS is switched off or goes into blocked status. Multi Pass is available for rack or wall installations (box).

This is the 16A rack version. 10A and 16A wall version available. See YBYM10AA and YMYB16AA
Standard back-feed protection
Automatic switching during mains failure
Mains power present LED indicator
Available with different socket standards (IEC, British socket, terminal boards).
Lengde 483,000000 mm
Bredde 200,000000 mm
Høyde 45.0 mm
Areal 96600.0 mm2
Volum 4347000.0 mm3

Bulgin C14 Cable Mount IEC Connector Male, 10A, 250 V ac

Terminerbar C14-plugg for UPS
Spenning: 250V AC
Strøm: 10A
Type: Han

Minste bestillingsenhet: 1