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Anda Cloud

Anda Cloud

With our self-developed cloud-based monitoring solution, Anda Cloud, you can secure your critical installations through the use of IoT technology. Anda Cloud monitors and reports the status of components and systems such as power banks, UPSes and hybrid solutions in real time.

Anda-Olsen wishes to not only provide a secure power supply, but also security.  

Operations managers, project managers for new construction works, IT administrators, controllers and installers at grid owners, administrators for hospitals, office premises, shopping centres, and large buildings – basically anyone who is responsible for critical installations can use Anda Cloud to get the overview and security they've been missing. 

With our IoT (Internet of Things) solution, you gain total control of your equipment no matter where you are. The monitoring service gives you a complete overview of the status of the system or battery that is to be monitored. You can learn everything from the battery level to data about the environment of the room.  

Anda Cloud can monitor any kind of 6V or 12V lead battery, regardless of whether it was provided by Anda-Olsen.

Easier service and maintenance  

Service and maintenance will also be easier with Anda Cloud, as you will be notified by e-mail regarding any changes registered in the system. This way, you can predict incidental maintenance and plan replacements before errors occur. Furthermore, status reports can be generated with suggestions for changes that can improve the lifespan of the equipment.   

You avoid costly operational shutdowns and uncertainty concerning the stability of the equipment. Furthermore, remote monitoring minimises the need for physical presence at the site, and savings can be made here as well.  

With Anda Cloud, you get: 

  • total control of facility status  

  • increased security as operational manager  

  • optimised battery lifespan  

  • simple installation 

  • visual notification of errors in platforms and sensors 

  • ability to collect all facilities into one platform  

  • service-based solution for cloud storage  

  • options for individually adapted functions  

  • option for integration with existing systems  

The technology behind Anda Cloud  

The technology behind Anda Cloud  

Battery monitoring is implemented by equipping each battery or UPS with a sensor. It monitors voltage, power, and other important parameters. If power banks are installed, each battery can be monitored individually, or they can all be monitored collectively.  

Everyone who has critical equipment and desires an overview of operational parameters and conditions may benefit from Anda-Olsen IoT solutions.

Employees with experience

At Anda-Olsen, you will meet service-oriented employees who are experts on the ensuring customer needs. Our team of engineers know what products and technical solutions are right for each individual project.

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