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Anda Service Agreements

Anda Service Agreements

Service, monitoring and preventive maintenance have one goal in common – to ensure uptime for your system.


With a Service Agreement you avoid downtime and secure the operational condition of your system. Furthermore, you ensure response time, spare parts and regular maintenance. 

Anda-Olsen can offer service at UPS, power supplies and battery systems. With qualified service personnel and modern equipment, we check and verify the condition of the system. We offer service agreements with qualified service personnel for regular and professional follow-up and reporting adapted to your products and systems. We also perform selectivity calculations.

We offer service agreements with physical attendance for cleaning, software updates, control of electronics, batteries and other parameters. We also offer monitoring services with monitoring of UPS, battery bank and environmental sensors.

With a complete service program, large spare parts warehouse, 24/7 service telephone and fast response time, Anda-Olsen is capable of handling any system of any size.

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Monitoring system

Monitoring system

Anda-Olsen has also developed its own monitoring system, Anda Cloud. This is an advanced system for monitoring of the conditions of UPS and battery, designed in order for you to feel completely certain that the system working as intended.   

With Anda Cloud, we can offer you a complete overview of the status of the system. You will be able to monitor everything from battery level to data regarding the surroundings in the room. 

We deliver worldwide

We use components from reputable suppliers and deliver good solutions based on price, quality and user-friendliness. Key words for the solutions you get at Anda-Olsen are high quality, small footprint and flexibility. We work continuously with product and portfolio development to be able to deliver reliable products with high performance, which makes us a competitive supplier.

At Anda-Olsen, we have an engineering team with high technical competence that answers large and small questions that arise. We also have a service apparatus that is ready to assist with start-up or emergency response anywhere in the world. Continuous focus on developing the employees' competence helps to put Anda-Olsen on the map both nationally and internationally.

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