Busbar to connect 6 CIP100200100

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Dovetail feature
The dovetail feature allows interlocking multiple fuse holders.
Five position high current bus bar(500 A)
With one M10 input connection.
Input current up to 500 A.
Six position high current bus bar (1500 A)
With two M10 input connections.
Input current up to 2000 A.
Recommended to parallel multiple high power Multi or Quattro inverter/charger
Opprinnelsesland Slovenia
Frakt Vekt 0.0485 kg
Vekt 0.0485 kg
Lengde 240,000000 mm
Bredde 40,000000 mm
Høyde 5.0 mm
Areal 9600.0 mm2
Volum 48000.0 mm3