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Anda-Olsen prioritises sustainability in every part of the company. This applies to the environment, the economy and social conditions. We believe it is essential to make a contribution, not only to meet our needs, but the needs of future generations.  

Anda-Olsen is actively and purposely working to continuously reduce our direct and indirect impact on the external environment. A key component of this is the continuous assessment of all our providers to ensure eco-friendliness and improvements. We strive to sell the most energy-efficient solutions in our segments. We choose materials and products that are sustainable and that use as little energy and as few natural resources as possible to avoid harming the environment. Collaborations with companies such as Grønt Punkt, Norsirk and other parties ensure that all our environmentally hazardous waste is handled in the best possible manner. Metizoft conducts quality control for our providers and approves our green certification where relevant. 
Through our power supplies, batteries, and hybrid solutions, we are at the very heart of the green shift. Continuous development of expertise and new solution designs will help make us even more efficient in achieving our sustainability goals. We will work to ensure a reduction in pollution and an increased use of renewable energy. Our goal is quite simply to become a leader in sustainability through the products we deliver. 

Environmental leadership is used to regulate the company’s impact on the external environment. Anda-Olsen formulates environmental policy and environmental goals to steer activities, products and services. This is integrated into the company’s other administrative and leadership functions. Requirements for environmental management and associated aids are described in the ISO 14000 series standards. Anda-Olsen shall comply with requirements from the authorities and by our customers. Based on our ISO 14001-based quality system, we have a structured method for handling and following up environmental issues. 

Our ethical guidelines are also an important part of our sustainability efforts. You can read about them here. We have a strong emphasis on social sustainability and our goals for this issue.